Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy  – Weight Control – Weight Management


Before I start please read this testimonial  from a client

For most of my adult life I have struggled with trying to keep my weight at
a healthy level. I would manage to lose the weight but then it would creep
on again and usually there would be few extra pounds to deal with .For me it
wasn’t losing the weight that was a real problem it was being able to keep
it off and make choices that would enable me to feel totally in control of
my thoughts and actions around food.

What I had always done was not working so I decided to try Hypnotherapy.

Louise puts you at ease instantly and creates a safe environment where you
feel that you can develop your thoughts. Since the day I started my sessions
with her I can honestly say I feel more in control than I have ever felt in
my adult life. I now have the confidence that I will not only make the right
choices about food but in other areas of my life. The understanding as to
why we overeat and the emotional attachment to food that I had has clarified
so much in my mind and I now know I have the strategies to deal with any
situation .I have already lost nearly a stone and with the new understanding
I have been given I know I will reach my goal and be able to stick to it. I
feel a great sense of empowerment and I would not hesitate to see Louise
again if I felt the need. I am truly grateful for her help.


I make no  assumptions about what you might need, though you can  see that Hypnotic Gastric Band is available, I find that many  of my clients visit me for weight loss when  what they need is also some time to manage stress and re engage with themselves and regain their energy and confidence and deal with the stuff of life.

Life Long Weight Management for the over 40’s.

Yes it  is possible that all I’m going to say, you can change – re- establish  your relationship with yourself on new terms – not  just  what  you  eat and drink – it’s exhilarating to be in  control of what  you  eat  and drink. Yes it  does mean making changes but with Hypnosis and NLP you want to  make those changes. After all you did want to change didn’t you. For a confidential straight forward approach which utilises all the most  up to date understanding about the way to eat and exercise call me to  discuss on  07714711262.

To get rid of unwanted habits that create havoc on your waistline,  you  know the ones I mean ……. call  me on the same number.

Introduction InMindTMWeight Management

It’s a mine or mind field isn’t it ? Here’s the type of thing I Here are a collection of the things I hear the most…


I want to make a life long, life style change

My eating is out of control

I drink too much white wine.

Food is always on my mind

I’m addicted to sweet things

I eat too much

Make me exercise more

Comfort eating is my  downfall


What makes weight loss so difficult?

That’s has a quite straight forward answer – clarity about what you want to achieve, understanding and education about the changes needed and motivation to keep going. There it is – simple isn’t it?  Well yes and no.

Setting the goal with clarity – energizing the goal and knowing how to stay focused and motivated

Neutralising negative unwanted habits

Deleting the behaviours that keep the unwanted habits sabotaging you – eating sweets, drinking alcohol, too much processed foods, white carbohydrates and large portion sizes.  Poor meal planning and great decision making at all times combined with changing buying behaviours and assertiveness skills.  Eliminating the route causes of emotional eating.

Installing great new behaviours

Portion control, eating slowly, drinking more water,  stress management , InMindTMGastric Band, confidence and assertive behaviour, planning , knowledge of foods ,  eating well for the rest of your life. Establishing and maintaining exercise habits that promote wellbeing, strength and

Hypnotherapy and Diets

Hypnotherapy can be used in conjunction with any other diets and weight loss strategies. Hypnotherapy can help with whatever diet you have selected for your weight loss journey  – clients have found hypnosis particularly helpful with Lighter Life or other VLC ( very  low calorie )programs. Use hypnotherapy to support your activity and improve your results and mental approach.

So whilst you are making the effort to  lose weight hypnosis and hypnotherapy makes sure you stay successful and keep your goals InMindTM


Please feel  free to  call me with  any  questions  on  07714711262

In 1996 a survey by Irving Kirsh  showed that weight loss using hypnosis was twice as effective as it was without hypnosis and that the results increased over time