Hypnobirthing Benefits


Calm, confident and happy Hypnobirthing with Louise Baker Hypnotherapy

Your personal Hypnobirthing Experience starts here.

Congratulations you are having a baby. Let me help you have your best experience.

About Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is a calm comfortable and natural way to give birth. The single idea I return to with you time and time again is that nature didn’t intend for you to have an unpleasant time. Mother nature created an amazing set of physical and psychological processes to aid you and prepare you. 

Stories, myths and misunderstandings have crept into the whole area of birthing. You are probably already working with your team and I want you to know that my job is to  introduce and teach you  how to  have your most  comfortable birth  using hypnosis and hypnotherapy

The Benefits of Hypnosis and Birthing

Calm, confident happy  baby

Confident  stress free mum and birthing partner.


This program is best undertaken in  private sessions or a private workshop and from time to  time I offer  very small  groups environment or a workshop environment of no more that 4 so that you and your birthing partner and baby can thoroughly learn the hypnotic skills needed for the most relaxed, stress free and comfortable birth that you can achieve.
The session  content is outlines below not much detail that’s because I offer a personal consultation to all prospective Hypnobirthing clients and their partners or birthing partner. All my clients receive a recordings as the work goes on outside the sessions too.

The program I have created incorporates best practice from hypnosis and pain relief, breathing for stress management and advanced training for pain relief in childbirth.

I also work with ladies whose initial experience of birth was difficult and who needed extra help to get prepared for their next birthing experience.

Program  Structure

The program looks like this

Session  1 :  Getting started  –  the language of birth,  relating to your body, the history of birthing. What is hypnosis  ?

Session  2 :  Releasing negative thoughts about birthing and or past  births.  Why calmness is so  important.

Session  3 :  Creating comfort , conditioning responses   –  Deep and Instant Hypnosis 
Session  4 :

Hypnosis  –  Teaching partner to induce instant Hypnosis

Session  5 :

Planning the Birth – Moving locations – anchoring calmness -Bringing it all together 

A couple of the sessions may be divided in half to ensure that there is plenty of time to practice, gain confidence and for your partner to be sure of their role and skills.


You will  be provided with MP3 recordings and music which takes you into the hypnotic state. You will be expected to do your homework and listen to the recordings as this will quickly increase your confidence in your ability to go into trance and stay there regardless of what is going on.

Professional Fees

The program is available for a fee of £470.00 and needs to start 8 – 10 weeks before your due date. The bespoke workshop is the same fee.

We can start later but we’ll need to double up the sessions. However that said I will work  with a mum right up to her birth to alleviate stress and insecurity so please feel free to ask.

From  Louise Baker

My roIe is to help you  create the most positive birthing experience that you can have. With years of experience  in hypnotherapy  I now specialise in  helping mums of all ages have the birth they dream of. I am  particularly skilled at  alleviating and reducing the effects of previous birth  trauma and helping older mums over come their unique fears .

I can also help those who lack confidence, are traumatised from previous births or are not sure about hypnosis. I am not a replacement for your NCT class or your NHS preparation but what I teach provides the link that weaves these other pieces of knowledge you are gaining into an experience which puts you in control of your birth.

Taking the time with me to learn about how your mind works and how you can make it work for you in this most precious of times is essential for your success. This learning can literally change your life. The fundamentals of managing your mind through birth are physically empowering, emotionally enhancing and spirit lifting.

Hypnobirthing processes, which are based in best hypnotherapy and hypnosis practices  are flexible to take into account who you are  and what you want. Hypnobirthing with Louise Baker is done one to one with you and your partner.

I do the work in personal sessions or in a workshop format ensuring that your unconscious mind has understood the suggestions and accepted them. In personal settings you  can be free to learn at  your own  pace discuss how your experience is meeting your needs and  I help you learn  how to manage the whole experience in a calm and relaxed way.

Congratulations you’re having a baby, so start now to look forward to your calm comfortable and stress free birth. Blissful birthing with Hypnobirthing