Anxiety  Management  with Louise Baker Hypnotherapy 

You can change anxious feelings , feel better faster with help  and experience you self, your life and your environment as a safer, more resourceful place,

What is happening to me?

Why  do  I feel this way ? All organisms have a survival instinct and we know that for humans at the physical level we call this our fight flight response, this is about our survival, keeping ourselves safe. From a psychological perspective Freud spoke about need to defend ourselves, our internal selves.  What really matters to you is feeling better – calmer; more relaxed, clearer and more confident.That  is what  matters  ism’t  it. Its also  important that  you  can start to  do  things again –  live fearlessly . It’s what  I do .

So if you are ever hit with those feelings that you want to run away then you know you are in the middle of a response to something that either consciously or unconsciously you perceive as a threat. You might or might not know what has caused it; you just want it to go away. So the feelings are a way of protecting yourself Hypnotherapy ,  Havening  and NLP offer you an opportunity to change, more quickly  than  you realise.

Whenever your mind creates a thought you respond to it, if your thought is negative, fearful or you are worried about an event, if you think you are under threat then your body responds. Your body responds with an array of symptoms, which you are very familiar with. The body releases a group of hormones, which in turn create a set of feelings in our body. From an unpleasant experience of

  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Rapid Breathing
  • Dry Mouth
  • Sweaty Palms
  • Feeling like you have to run away
  • Feeling like you have to go to the bathroom
  • Erroneous, negative and odd thoughts
  • This list has more symptoms but you now know exactly what we are talking about

through to a full blown Panic Attack, which feels like the worst extreme of all these symptoms some are so extreme that people go to hospitals thinking that they are having a heart attack.

There is good news! You can change, feel better and you can experience you self, your life and your environment as a safer, more resourceful place to be most importantly remember that the feelings do not define who you are or how you meet the world. They are feelings and through hypnotherapy, NLP, self-hypnosis and self-awareness training you can learn to see the world in a different way. In addition with some great strategies you can be back in control of your behaviour.


How do you make a start?

This is invariably the bit that everyone finds confusing but stick with me. It’s time to listen and pay attention to you. It’s a granted that you want to change so making a few easy changes will be OK won’t it? So  you  can  call  me immediately on  07714711262   to  talk  about  whats  happening or you  can  start to  follow some daily self help hints .


1. Always eat breakfast!

2. Do a daily check in – exactly how many cups of coffee are you drinking?

3. What’s happening with other drugs? – Nicotine? – alcohol? – other recreational?

4. How’s your diet – are  you  eating  balanced  food groups?

5. Are you sleeping OK and do you have good pre-sleep routines?

6. What exercise are you taking

7. Download my deactivation deep relaxation recording and regularly take time out to be settled.


What negative Patterns of thinking do you have? 

These are ideas or ways of viewing ourselves or others that we have practices for so long that they actually seem like us.  The way we tell ourselves off or say rude things, or allow the internal critic to take over – I also call them habits. So we don’t know when we routinely starting thinking the thoughts that disturb us but it important for you to know that they can change. They are just thoughts and they have no right to get in the way of what you are trying to do. Before any response there is thought so the moment you decide to put yourself back in the driving seat of your life you are already starting to change.


These are the basics for keeping yourself well and resourced to recover quickly from whatever is unsettling you. I call them the Healthy Head Hints – or you could remember them as My Mind Matters My Must do list.