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About Louise Baker

Louise Baker is a highly qualified therapist specialising in Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy ™, NLP and the Psycho- Sensory  therapies. EFT, TFT and Havening. Louise is  passionate about helping people feel better about themselves, their lives and  change their minds, their behaviours . Over the past 2 years Louise has trained with some of the worlds leading therapists and innovators, always looking  for ways to improve client experience and results.

There are many changes taking place in the world of therapy. Neuroscience has started to explain what is happening within our minds at the bio chemical level. Physics is making us look at the very structure  of our existence whilst quantum physics is creating greater insight into how we are connected at the energy level and helps us understand the role of energy in creating change.

Human behaviour is complex and practitioners are creating new and powerful therapeutic solutions integrating techniques, knowledge and know how to support and help our clients heal, love living life their lives again.

How do new scientific discoveries and practical techniques help solve my specific issue(s)?

What this means is that there are more ways and more flexible approaches to help you regain control of your life.  That what happens in therapy is about how you can help yourself  create the most empowering solutions through healing the past, creating the future and being in the present. Being in the present is what some refer to as Mindfulness.

Healing the past, freeing ourselves from past trauma and fear  (depotentiation of the amygdala) , creates a new landscape which means we can create new outcomes and possibilities, using certain brainwaves through quiet, mediative or hypnotic states allows us to create new pathways in the brain ( through the practice of self determined neuroplasticity  SDN). These ideas blend together to create change that can last. whatever the area of challenge is.

Leading your most fulfilling and life is a combination of healing the past, creating a future that consistently makes you happy and experiencing yourself in the moment in  love,  joy and gratitude.

Science teaches us that great habits can be created powerfully  so  powerfully that they become the way we chose to live and poor habits can have their power taken away by. You can change and its always my privilege to help you.

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