Hypnotherapy Solutions

What  are you looking to change ? What do you want to do better ? Or even do less of ? With hypnotherapy based solutions there will be a way to make it happen. There are many different types of therapy and Louise Baker has been practicing and training Hypnotherapy and other skills for many years she integrates this understanding, training, and experience to  create your personalised program of change.

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Trainings and Workshops

How you ever been curious about hypnosis, how it works and what’s going on ?  Or even interested in becoming a hypnotherapist. Louise Baker offer a wide range of personalised and group trainings on a range of topics.

If training as a therapist is not your thing and you are interested in learning more about how your mind works, how to let go of past trauma and how to lead your  most successful life then you may be very interested in working with Louise on one of her workshops.

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Anxiety, Anxious thoughts and Worry

Are you exhausted by  constant worry ? go over things time and time again ? Did it  difficult to let go ?  Mind you mind is a unique programme of change designed specifically for the anxious mind and body.

“Much of the time I spend with people is on this issue, using the latest  techniques from neuroscience and understanding how worry and compulsive worrying thoughts work or don’t work to help you, you can change the way you experience your world “

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Stop Smoking

Do you ned to just  go for it ?  Do you still think you can’t do it  or you never will STOP IT, the flexible programmes to  change your habits and the way you  feel  about  yourself are  ideal.

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Weight Change

Whether you want to change a habit that keeps your weight on, or you believe your weight issues stem  from emotional  issues,  you can get on  top of your thinking and eating more easily than  you think

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Trauma, Fears and Phobia

Have you absolutely had enough of those extreme feelings or thoughts ? Do you want to be free of panic and the thoughts that stop you doing what you want to do? Do you find it  hard to focus on what you want ? Always being drawn back to things that you don’t want. Utilise the latest techniques founded in the study of neuroscience to feel better and regain your control

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Louise Baker

UK Hypnotherapist of the Year 2013

What is it I can do to help you ?

I’ve been helping people to  change and supporting other therapist through their training and with their clients for over a decade now.  Clients consistently create amazing changes in their own lives and succeed in gaining self belief and insight into creating the life of their dreams.

Over this past year  I have undergone my own transformation bringing into my clients solutions  the most innovative and science based practices. At the heart of what I do  is enabling you to take back control of your mind and body in a way that enables life long  change.

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